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Gesture is a collective of 5 new rug projects exploring how the motion of hands and tools can quietly lead the creative process, conceiving entirely new aesthetic languages. From small domestic tasks to naive scrawling, each action is considered with a similar weight. A smear of frothy soap swiped across a windowpane is seen with the same wonder as paint splashed across canvas and the furtive child like scribbles of crayon on pristine walls could very well be the making of a masterpiece. Five designers — Patricia Urquiola, Sabine Marcelis, Philippe Malouin, Mae Engelgeer and Yuri Himuro – meditate on gesture’s meaning and investigate how the simple movement of hands and tools can lead their creative process.

Gesture Collection

the individual attention, consideration and thought that goes into every rug is also conveyed in all aspects of the company. at cc-tapis every detail is curated creating a cohesive identity and a unique experience for our clients.

cc-tapis gives clients the freedom to create custom pieces with the dimensions, colors and even the materials of their choice. at the heart of this process is the cc-tapis design-lab assisting clients, architects and interior designers.

all cc-tapis handknotted rugs are completely made by hand by tibetan artisans. the entire process follows ancient production-techniques of tibetan craftsmanship. only natural materials are used.

at the center of every project is design. cc-tapis works closely with multi-disciplinary designers, each bringing their own ideas and cultural identity: a source of cross cultural influences enriching the company and the value of the product.

the founders of cc-tapis created cc-for education, a non-profit organisation with the ambition of giving an education to school children and university students in nepal. the sale of every cc-tapis rug supports the foundation.

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