General Contractors, Builders, Homeowners, you have landed in the right spot to have your repair needs met. ICE has handled hundreds of repairs in the Houston area over the past many years. We know how hard it is to find a reputable contractor to come out and handle the small repairs as well as the large ones. We fix cracks in walls, indentation damages, stucco repairs due to water intrusion or structural defects. Did you have some remodeling done and need your stucco or stone patched? Call us. Many people do not know that you need to keep your caulk and sealant pliable and fresh, (check about every two years). We can assist you. Are you selling your home and had a recent stucco inspection done? We will be happy to review your report and provide you with a proposal to address the deficiencies. 
Above,  roof flashing installed incorrectly led to massive water intrusion and wood rot!

Below, forklift accident shows the damage to the left and the finished repair to the right. Better than new!

Residential stucco remediation. This home had massive water intrusion due to improper installation of flashings, weather barriers, and installation of the stucco. Stucco is a beautiful, rich exterior cladding but it does take a competent contractor to provide you with a worry free product. Call ICE and let us give you a project that will last a lifetime!

We will bid repair work in and around the city of Houston, Texas. For most projects we can view your situation within 48 hours of receiving your call. We provide proposals inside of 24 hours! Our repair consultant is well versed with insurance matters and litigated claims. We work hand in hand with Houston's top stucco inspectors and have a great reputation.