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Managing Partners
Gregory S. Carter CEO

Gregory Carter began his construction career in 1998 starting with a stucco firm on the east coast. Since that time he has been responsible for major projects in many parts of the country. Finding a new home in Houston, TX in 2001 Greg began working solely on mold related synthetic stucco homes and their inherent problems. In 2005 he met his future partner and ICE was soon to be born. Being very detailed oriented, Gregory handles the firms contract administration and the day to to day operations of Ivory Carter Enterprises. His area of expertise centers around residential repairs, remodels, and remediation.

You can reach Gregory for all residential, repair and contracting inquiries. Email: stuccogreg@gmail.com  Cell Phone: (281) 733-3106

Paul M.G. Ivory COO

Paul hails from Winnepeg Canada and is a third generation plastering contractor. Coming to Texas in 2005, he joined the partnership and soon began to take estimation and project management to a new level. Paul is extremely well versed in computerized and electronic take offs and estimating. His material control helps to keep cost costs down while passing those savings on to our valued customers. After almost 20 years in the business,Paul not only excels at estimating but at onsight project management as well. There is not a single problem that he cannot find a solution to!

You can reach Paul for all estimating, project management, and commercial construction inquiries. Email: p.ivory.tx@gmail.com       Cell Phone: (281) 541-6991